Logbook: Walsh Cove Marine Park

The anchorage at Walsh Cove Marine Park was deeper then charted by CMAP and deeper than as drawn in the Dreamspeaker book. There are some beautiful islands to kayak around but otherwise I can’t recommend the anchorage. The wind blows through it and we don’t like being stern tied in wind unless it is on the nose.
Our first night we stern tied and our second night when a larger boat left we took their space and swung freely (non-boaters: this means we dropped our anchor and swung around in a circle. The first night we were too close to land to swing around in a circle so we tied the boat to land in one direction).

But enough about anchoring, the kayaking was lovely:P1010993 (1280x960)
P1010999 (1280x960)
And we had nice clear water to observe some sea critters. We saw our first sea urchins of the trip – hot pink and purple – and masses of starfish and sea cucumbers. There were tons of oysters and a fair number of mussels.

Does anyone know if the starfish pile together to mate or for some other reason?

 P1010983 (1280x960)

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