Logbook: Miles Inlet

P1020066 (1280x960)

Miles Inlet is a strikingly beautiful entry. A narrow strait entrance channel with silvered trees lining either side and the ocean swell rushing in and out of hollow spaces in the rocks creating echoing popping and thumping sounds.

IMG_5703 (1280x853)The anchorage breaks off into multiple lagoons which each have rapids emptying out of them as the tide drops. We spent only one night there because we had a good weather window for rounding Cape Caution (often the names of places are a big arsed hint) the next day.

We met up with the crew aboard SV Wecantu for pizza and beers and hope to run into them again.

This would definitely be a great place to spend a few days exploring while waiting for good weather to head North and although we were excited to be able to continue our trajectory, it was a bummer to leave after only one night.


  1. I know you've talked about it before Livia, but I am going to probe for more. While cruising, how is the balance between staying in a place and moving on to the next place struck?

    Is the move made because you have "done" a place, because of the lure of the next place, or because of the joy of traveling from one place to the next?

    s/v Eolian

  2. You are keeping a great blog, I just feel like being lazy. We'll just throw away our BC cruising guides and just follow your wake to all these fantastic places. I can't wait to go tell the dude off, that should be fun.


  3. @Bob - I've marked that for a future post. Good question.
    @Herb&Laura - It has to be fun for YOU to do it :)