BC Healthcare Extension for Travelers

For those with a BC Care Card, you may already have heard that you lose your health care if you are out of the country for more than six months of a year. What we have learned recently is that once in 5 years you can ask for a 48 month absence in which you can choose to either suspend or maintain your BC Healthcare while out of the country.

Together with travel insurance, if you maintain your BC Care Card, you can be fully covered for health insurance for 2 years after leaving BC OR you can suspend your BC Care Card for 48 months which means that if you needed health care you could travel back to BC without the normal six month waiting period for new residents of the province.

This waiver only applies to people traveling outside BC who "plan to return within the 48 month period". You can call 1 800 663 7100 and ask to be transferred to the office who deal with travel extensions. If you speak to someone who doesn't know what you are talking about, hang up and call back, the office exists.


  1. Thanks for sharing that! That's good news, was trying to figure all that stuff out for when we head offshore in September.
    Cheers, Kyra

  2. Glad it helped. It was an eye opener for us.



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