Logbook: Squirrel Cove

P1010913 (1280x960)We went to Squirrel Cove on two separate occasions and stayed one night each time and this is the only picture I took. There is a public wharf and a small dinghy dock which dries out at low tides. The dinghy dock is much closer to the store and gas station and so we rowed our cans back and forth rather than using our folding rolling cart.

The first (planned) stop to Squirrel Cove was a provisioning stop and we filled two jerry cans with diesel (yellow jugs) and took 20 gallons of water in two separate trips with our two 5 gallon jugs (clear with red handles). We took two bags of dried goods and one of fresh. The people at the store were very nice.

The second planned stop was during a sail from Cassel Lake Falls to Refuge Cove. Our planned beating into moderate headwinds was interrupted by winds stronger than forecast, still on our nose. So, we turned tail and ran into Squirrel Cove for the night. This is a sign of our increasing intelligence ;)

We didn’t go ashore while at the anchorage which is a few miles from the town. There is a lagoon to row to if you can get through the rapids at the channel or time the tides right and there is a path to Von Donop inlet – neither of which we did.


  1. We're pretty sure that "path to Von Donop" is mythical. We followed it from Von Donop hoping to end up in Squirrel Cove. It deposited us out on to some random road. We had to hitch a ride on the back of some flat bed truck. We also learned that speed limits don't mean much an island.

    We're really enjoying the blog! We're headed north next year and can't wait. Happy sailing!

    s/v hello world

  2. Wow! We didn't hike that trail and I guess I'm glad that we didn't. Had a great hike near Octopus Islands. I think that is the 3rd lake in Desolation I swam in!



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