Logbook: Cassel Lake Falls

P1010927 (960x1280)This is one of those anchorages that aren’t protected from the wind, are somewhat sketchy in terms of where you have to drop the hook, and which you go to anyways in (hopefully) settled weather with one eye on the sky.

Beautiful. Double falls at this time of year: the main falls and a lacey side falls. Crystal clear water filled with oysters, starfish, sea cucumbers, mussels and fish. A hiking trail to a lake with perfect rocks for jumping in. So far we’ve been to two lakes in Desolation Sound and I’ve swam in both. Weather be damned.

We took a bunch of video which I’ll put up separately as borrowed wifi allows.

Weather is still 50-50 but one night at Cassel Lake Falls was warm enough that we didn’t need the heater at night. Summer approaches.

P1010930 (1280x960) P1010920 (1280x960) 
P1010916 (960x1280)P1010931 (960x1280)