Village Bay

P1010615 (960x1280)We had another light air sail from Silva Bay, down the Strait of Georgia to Active Pass. We motored through just before dark and pulled into Village Bay on the NW of Mayne Island. There is nothing to recommend this bay in particular. We went because we wanted to anchor before dark, get a night of sleep and head out in the morning. Village Bay is open, deep until the head, and the head of the bay is full of private moorings and crab pots.

As it turns out, not all of those pots are connected to floats any more. I pulled up a monster of a metal trap with Marilyn (our anchor). It was relatively easy to hook with the boat hook but was heavy and didn’t want to come loose from the hook. So there I was on the bow trying to shake this monster trap off the slippery boat hook without getting pulled overboard.

We left and sailed to Tsehum Harbour in Sidney, BC. I say sail but really there was almost no wind and so we drifted in the ebb current with the sails up for about half of the distance and sailed at a knot or two (plus the current) for the other half.

I forgot to mention earlier but in Silva Bay we met another couple from the Great Northern Boaters Net (Oliver & Lynne aboard SV Hannibal) who took us in, and treated us to a lovely dinner and hours of good conversation. Oliver is a former climber and the two of them have been all kinds of fun places in BC. We have started joking that we will write a dining guide for the net regulars.

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