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Someone recently pointed out to us that we are now on Yacht Blogs which is a compendium of cruising blogs (sailing only). When we were dreaming of cruising, I spent a lot of time combing through blogs, feeding the dream. If you are like me, it's worth checking out.

Several things I really like about the site are:
  • They have a ton of blogs to peruse. Dangerous!
  • They try to filter the blogs for quality/quantity control. Yes, we're flattered.
  • They show the title and a snipped of the posts from blogs they follow and link back to the original blog for the full post. This is polite, rather than snagging the entire post without permission.
  • Did I mention it is a free resource that someone took the time to create??!
Something I would like to see*: They have related posts from the same blog but the related posts are just the most recent. For example, when the SSB post was the featured post from our blog, the related posts could be ones with the radio or boatwork tags. That would be cool.

*Not a criticism. Like I always say, we get to complain as much as we pay.


  1. Congratulations!

    You have arrived!

  2. Hey, Livia, congratulations and thanks for pointing out the yachtblogs site. I checked it and Siempre Sabado is there, too. WAY COOL!


  3. Thanks for the post about Yacht Blogs! Glad you like the site.

    Hmm, I never thought of making it a pay site, but now that you bring it up (just kidding, of course).

    We're planning on adding a few more blogs soon, so our roster (currently just over 200) will grow a bit more.

    Your idea about related posts is EXCELLENT and I've been thinking about exactly how to implement it. Right now, it's all about post tags and I've setup some default post tags on almost every post. Mostly, the tags are related to the manufacturer.

    Eventually, I'll figure out how to organize related posts in the fashion you speak of.

  4. Thanks again Jacob for your contribution to the cruising community!



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