Rowing about the inlet


A picture perfect day to spend rowing about and drifting beneath Chatterbox falls.

P1010527 We spent about two hours in our inflatable dinghy, without the engine, rowing to the falls, walking around at the base, rowing to other smaller falls on the sidewalls of the valley (there are dozens of smaller, falls), collecting oysters and generally soaking in the scenery. It was crisp but sunny and dry and we were armed with a large thermos of cocoa and good warm gear.
The sound of the larger falls was always present in the background and as we neared a smaller falls we would hear that higher pitched tinkling as well. The sun started causing avalanches on the mountains surrounding the falls so occasionally we would hear a cracking and groaning and then a rush of falling snow.

Warning: There is an anatomically correct word in the following video :)

I posted a few more videos including some of a rainbow on the falls and a lacy falls on a side wall on our youtube account if you want to see more.

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