Now in HD!

We were testing out the HD video features of our new camera at the North tip of Wallace Island to see if recording in HD was worth the file size for people who are planning to upload short clips online. I started a panorama and then motioned to Carol to say something. My motions were not clear and he thought I meant walk toward me. So I made a different motion and he thought I was asking him to wave to the camera. I stopped the video, laughing uncontrollably and tried to explain what happened between gasps.

Well, that is what I thought happened. What actually happened is that half-way through the pan, I accidentally stopped the video. When I thought I stopped it to explain to Carol what I wanted I restarted the video. So we are left with these two funny bits which I'm including for my friends.


  1. The HD video quality is amazing. What camera are you using?!

  2. Hi Carol & Lance,

    Thanks! We added this camera this fall and it is what we are using for video:


  3. So glad you decided to post it! Love the laughter you have going on.