Carol does Blue Steel

Showcasing the latest in male cruising fashions, Carol can be seen modeling two-tone West Marine boots, Robbins pants, an Arcteryx jacket, a Mustang hydrostatic release PFD and a Montbell microfleece toque. He enjoys sailing and making salmon pie for his wife.


For his slightly more casual “morning coffee in the winter” look, Carol again dons his Montbell microfleece toque but adds a North Face down jacket and trendy narrow legged fleece pants. To add a bit of “je ne sais quoi” to the ensemble, he completes the outfit with a pair of Reef flippy floppies. Watch out seals and seagulls, this man is ready to party.



  1. Just discovered your blog and read the 2011 section. We are old and sissys compared to your young and hearty. We will head north after a haul in April. Will glean all the info I can from your adventures.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Be still my heart..........

  3. "Blue Steel?"

    I've tried to purge that from my memory, but it was apparently only pushed further back. Now I'm going to have a nightmare.

    Too funny.

  4. Please send me a copy of that pic for me to add to our album.

  5. Everyone - You are welcome and we're sorry ;)

    HerbnLaura - Sissies? Hardly. Keep an eye out for us as you head North.

    Valerie - Done.

  6. Chris Witzgall03 March, 2011 07:23

    Are you sure that is Blue Steel?? It looks more like Magnum to me!!!