We spent 6 nights in fresh water, taking the bus into different areas of downtown Seattle and walking around. We sampled a half dozen coffee shops, several breweries, ate gourmet hot dogs (or at least unusual) at Po Dog Hot Dogs, walked around Capitol Hill, the University of Washington, the Pike Place Market and visited some marine stores like Armchair Sailor where we saw a sister ship (Piko) on the cover of Latitude 38, the new mega West Marine where we picked out new sailing gloves for me for Christmas and Discovery Yachts where we peeked at another Pretorien for sale.
While at Armchair Sailor we used the gift certificate from the Wauquiez Rendezvous to buy a guidebook to the Sea of Cortez to start dreaming. While at Discovery Yachts we took a picture with the book to contrast January 2011 with January 2012. Look for this picture to reappear next year next to a picture with the same book in warmer weather!

At the Pike Place Market:
P1010430 P1010436

Rafted up in Lake Union:

Looking back at the bridges and locks and the Space Needle peeking at sunset:
 P1010399 P1010400


  1. Liv,
    Next winter I want to see a picture of you in shorts/t-shirt clutching a Puget Sound Cruising Guide.

    You're not going to believe what passes for "cold" weather down here. It's so funny to see the cruisers in shorts, t-shirts and sandals walking among the locals all bundled up in heavy coats, scarves, gloves, well, pretty much like you're dressed in the picture.