Ballard is way cool

Shilshole is a huge marina with relatively nice facilities and about a 30 minute walk to the funky & cool Ballard. Although using reciprocals at various marinas means we are moving more frequently than we would normally like it has been fun to dock hop in the winter. We haven’t had the dinghy inflated at all this trip and with the water and air temperatures that is just fine with me.

We walked into Ballard both days we were at Shilshole, eating and having a beer at the Lockspot Cafe, coffee & cupcakes at Verite/Cupcake Royale, seeing a movie (True Grit) at the renovated Majestic and eating a tasty dinner with my parents at La Carta de Oaxaca.

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  1. Glad you liked our home port!

    Sorry we missed you.

    bob & Jane