Spares & Insurance

It's not very exciting around here in Livia's Land of Boatwork.

Spares: I'm spending my days tracking down model numbers on equipment on our boat that is up to 27 years old so I can buy whatever spares we need for them. Then, I track down the best price for the spares and then we hemorrhage money.

Insurance: I'm also trying to sort through the mess that is yacht insurance. We have local insurance which is fine but now we want liability only coverage for "the world" which our current carrier doesn't provide. Current thoughts are Pantaenius (we are a Canadian boat so we can use their European vendor), Jackline, and Markel.

I'm looking forward to the next interlude between bouts of part-time work for Carol so we can cruise...even in the freezing cold it will be nice to be on the hook again.