Apparently, I like this

Since we left our winter dock at Victoria one week ago, we have had a transmission scare requiring an emergency haul-out with expenses and several days of work outdoors in the cold and rain, an engine scare requiring 4 hours of work in a bumpy anchorage after a tiring 12 hour sailing day, bracingly cold weather, winds and currents against us, and a lamb roast taken (and returned) by a customs official.

While eating the aforementioned lamb roast with Carol tonight, I realized that my overwhelming feeling is...I don't want to go back to the dock in mid-January.

Apparently, I like this.


  1. Please elaborate on your Customs 'food' experience. They're constantly changing what can and can't be brought over the border. Thanks.

  2. Hi Dryfeet - apparently right now you can't take lamb so they took our lamb roast...but before we pulled away from the dock the guy came back with it. He had called the food/produce specialist who said our lamb (Kirkland brand from Costco in Victoria) was OK...we can never figure it out. The best thing is to not have meat/produce, of course, but as liveaboards that's tough to always do.