Winning the lottery

Can you afford to go cruising?

This is perhaps my favorite explanation of how a couple was able to afford to go cruising. Rob & Dee aboard Ventana say:

The truth at last...we won the lottery. When we departed to go cruising Rob was only 42 years old and Dee a bit older. Most of our family and friends could not believe we could afford to retire. No matter how politely they phrased it eventually most asked how we could afford such a lifestyle. Usually we mumbled something about investing wisely in the stock market but the truth is we can afford to cruise because we won the lottery. Until now we have not talked about it but our win was bigger than the New York State Powerball prize.

To really understand why I like their lottery winning explanation, click here and scroll down a paragraph or two to read the rest. It's worth a peek.


  1. Damn, that has to be the most powerful thing I have ever read. Thank you for sharing. Basicly it boils everything down to the 'stuff' we think we need. I can't wait to 'win' the lottery in 6 years when I'm 55.