Road Trip: Thank you Rothko

Rothko is the name that I gave my 2004 Honda Element when I bought it. Rothko was the first new car I had purchased and was a reward to myself for completing grad school and getting my first career* job. The Element became technically our car when Carol and I got together but really became our car when we sold his truck and became a one car family.


In Colorado we spent a fair amount of time traveling, camping** and climbing with this car and in a way this road trip was a last hurrah in a vehicle that has a lot of fond memories for both of us.  We’ll be putting her up for sale at the end of March***…our last land possession really.

*I’ve worked since my early teens but this was the first job I had trained for and wanted to pursue as a career.
**the seats fold into a queen-ish sized bed.
***Want an Element?


  1. Keep my posted on what you want for Rothko - might be what I'm looking for (my poor little car is finally getting "old").
    Hugs to you and Carol! XOXOX

  2. @Jessie - Will do. What a great excuse to drive to Colorado too :)