Overripe Dreamer

A bit of a "duh" moment for me tonight as I asked Carol whether because we were going the "slow and sustainable" route, were we losing some of the romanticism of sailing off into the sunset. Did spending another year here mean that we were past the peak of excitement, on the down slope of thrill, and that by the time we headed South it would be somehow less exciting because we eased into it rather than leaped?

Carol said "that's why I don't spend a lot of time reading blogs. I don't want to live it...before I live it. If there is something to be learned great, or some pretty pictures as motivation, great, but otherwise I want to live it as our dream, not theirs."

And...duh. I realized that I was still reading blogs as if I were a dreamer needing motivation as I plugged away at a job and prepared our boat. I'm done dreaming in the sense of preparing. I'm ready to do.

So, I'm off reading a million blogs. Cold turkey except for people that I know (in person or online). Still writing :)


  1. So *if* I were to keep up on my blog, you would read? Whew. Gotta get on that. If I could just take a break from living to catch up on writing about it...Ha!

    Miss you!

  2. You, dahlink, *clearly* are in my personal feed reader. - Liv

  3. Sounds like a step in the right direction to your 12 step program! :) LOL

  4. Very, very perceptive. You *are* living the dream!


  5. Good bye Livia. [sniff sniff]

    Have a fun journey!


  6. Must apply TiFou's advice to my life. I've been getting caught up in planning the dream that I sometimes forget that I'm already living the dream.