Operation "Team Giddyup to Bahrain" - complete

Winter vagabonding trip #2 is complete.We're back (and we're shivering).

We had a crazy, fun trip to Bahrain over the last few weeks. We visited with a friend, were adopted by his family, spent a chunk of time exploring kite boarding and all of the other water pursuits his friend is able to enjoy on a weekly basis (very nice lifestyle), ate too much good food and did some interesting tourist stuff. Posts with photos and video forthcoming.

The weather (75F) and the water (75F) were turning "cold" for the locals but we basked in the relative warmth and sunshine while storm after storm hit BC and WA.

Three Good Show Awards deserve mentioning: Our friends who were watching over our boat deserve a Good Show Award for turning on our heater and keeping an eye on our lovely girl while we were gone, our friends who let us use some of their buddy passes deserve a Good Show Award for making the trip possible at all, and finally our host deserves a Good Show Award for hosting us while his parents were also visiting making for a pack of seven people running around the house and piling into the single car.

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