Shaker siphons are really cool

At our going away party, good friends who are experienced cruisers brought us a pair of shaker siphons. In the first month of the trip we used them to put water from our collapsible jugs into our tanks and they worked quite well but it was the first time we filled our diesel tank from our jerry cans that they showed their true value.

The clear plastic hose has a fitting with a small ball in it. You put the hose end in the empty container, the ball end in the full container, and you jiggle the ball end a few times. And…that’s it. The liquids begin transferring.


Pretoriens come with 25 gallons of diesel in one main tank. We also carry 15 gallons in three 5-gallon plastic jugs. When we have to pour from the jugs, into the diesel tank, we very, very carefully end up making a mess anyways. I say “we” in the royal sense. It’s always Carol who takes this task. Aboard Estrellita 5.10b, fueling is a BLUE job.

And here is a non-messy, painless fuel transfer. He didn’t even have to take off the full enclosure!

The water hose lives in our garage aft cabin and the diesel hose lives in one of our “gross stuff” bins in the lazarette. THANK YOU SV ENDLESS!


  1. We were told to purchase one of those and have been struggling with it, unable to get it to work. I don't know if it is because we have a cheap, defective unit or if it's because we are just not familiar enough with the motion required to get it to start flowing. :)

  2. I'm glad that you had better luck with yours than I had. My results were more like Mike's. Now I use one of those primer bulbs that they use on outboard motors with unattached gas tanks. A few squeezes to get the flow started and then just let it siphon. Takes a bit longer since I'm restricted to 5/16" ID hose but that just means I have less chance of frothing out the vent and making a mess.


  3. What a brilliant gadget!

  4. Hey Mike & Steve, I hope I'm not giving out bad advice! Ours worked perfectly on the first go. They require an up-and-down (in line with the hose) shake, not a side-to-side shake. Is that what you are doing?



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