We have seen so many whales and I never get out the camera because by the time we get out the camera, they are gone *or* they are far enough away that they will just look like black dots. Once, we stayed side by side with a feeding whale for long enough that I took a bunch of great pictures but it turns out that the Rebel will focus and make the “taking picture sound” when there is no memory card. It flashes “no card” while doing so on the LCD. Incidentally, you don’t use the LCD to take pictures on the Rebel so YOU CAN’T SEE THAT. *le sigh* So, no pictures of whales.

We’ve seen orcas in the Gulf Islands but we saw none our entire 3 month trip around Vancouver Island until just as we re-entered the Strait of Juan de Fuca. They were with us for about 5 minutes. By “with us”, I mean “completely ignoring us but not ditching us”.



  1. Fan girl 'Squeeeeeee'!
    I love whales. So amazing.

  2. RE: the last two pictures...

    Some of my potentially *best* orca pictures were ruined when, tracking the whales, a stay passed in front of the camera. The camera, of course, then focussed on the stay.

    Yours didn't!

  3. Awesome! I love the birds in the photos, too.

  4. I can only hope that I can experience this myself in the future. How awesome!