Highway 101 - Washington to California

Warning: Non-sailing material ahead.

While we still have a car we are considering a road trip down Highway 101, returning on I-5.

Any readers have any suggestions on "must see" places on this route? Winery suggestions for Napa/Sonoma and Portland area? Camping?


  1. When is this trip for? Giants are looking good for the World Series - just sayin'...

    Wineries in Napa:

    Chateau St Jean is a must-not-miss http://www.chateaustjean.com/visit

    Arrowood has a really tiny tasting room and has some really nice wines- splurge for the spendy tastings: http://www.arrowoodvineyards.com/index.html

    Can't go wrong with a classic: http://www.silveroak.com/estates/tours

    If you like sparkling, Tattinger and Mumm are in the area as well, though I imagine they are like the disneyland of tasting rooms.

  2. 101 Camp. It's a sort of dive-locals bar north f Beaver, OR and south of Tillamook. Kind of funky but they had the best burgers I think we've ever eaten. Grind the meat themselves. Of course it's been a few years since we were there. May be closed by now for all I know.

  3. Camping/hiking/hotsprings = Sol Duc Hot Springs just south of Crescent LK. in WA http://www.olympicnationalparks.com/accommodations/sol-duc-hot-springs-resort.aspx

  4. Never did any winery tours, but camping in Oregon is awesome! Inexpensive, shower/washroom facilities everyone and the friendliest of people!