C’est romantique

We had been sailing in light airs with our asymmetrical spinnaker when the winds finally died and I went forward to drop and bag the sail as Carol began motoring. We were bummed out to be motoring, especially because we had been looking forward to sailing down the Strait and had instead, been chased out into light airs trying to stay out of the way of the big low pressure system that was bringing hurricane strength winds to Vancouver Island’s West Coast.

At this point in our running with our tail between our legs strategic retreat, we were en route from Barkley Sound to the Strait of Juan de Fuca (for non-locals this means, heading from the ocean side of Vancouver Island to the body of water between WA and BC). Surrounded by a stunning sunset on the water combined with a moon rise and the sky, we forgot such petty issues as motoring and weather windows and we spent the last hours of light sitting in the cockpit together soaking in the view.



  1. Fabulous photos! I love that oily water look. Have you noticed Jupiter east in the early evening sky? With binoculars you can see three of its moons.

  2. Wow - amazingly gorgeous photos!!

  3. I LOVE that last photo. It's absolutely beautiful!