Ucluelet is the northernmost town in Barkley. As noted, we stopped there briefly overnight on our way in and we returned after our two nights at Clarke Island because my brother was coming up for a visit.

He brought GIFTS! First, at least in my book, was two bottles of homemade apple liqueur which smells and tastes like apple pie. Lawdy oh lawdy it is good. Second, was a bunch of sweet fishing gear which we’ll describe in another post. And finally, he brought up our mail and other stuff we had ordered over the last few months for the boat. High quality guest behavior. Thanks to Josh and to Ramona for holding down the fort with my nephew Devon so Josh could come up.

We went out fishing, tasted the apple pie diligently to make sure there were no problems with the finished product, and had great pizza in town at a place called Roman’s. We spent the first night at anchor and the second at the Otter Street docks.

Josh showing off his “casual and yet totally serious fishing” pose and his best “Blue Steel(tm)”.
IMG_5068 IMG_5069 

IMGP5079 The night after Josh left we were treated to a fantastic fireworks show.  A boat anchored off Whiskey Dock and lit up the sky for more than an hour shooting straight off its decks. The boat itself looked as if it was either on fire or about to catch fire at any moment. They had a fire dancer aboard and a crapload of fireworks. We took our dinghy down from where were anchored, just far enough away to escape falling debris (although some came too close for comfort in an inflatable) and sat back to watch the action. Good times.

We also picked up groceries and did some online errands. Tomorrow we fill up our fuel and water and head out into Barkley Sound and the Broken Group for the next few weeks. Back to the wild…


  1. The fireworks sounds cool. I'm not so sure I'd want to be setting off fireworks from our boat though.

  2. Love the pic of my babies together :)



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