Logbook: Tranquil Inlet

Tranquil Inlet is very beautiful. A long inlet with tiny islets along shore and two mini-anchorages. We anchored on the East side near the Northern end.  A “one boat nook” became room for two when a small sailboat without a mast tied up to the old float at the back of the bay. We had seen so few cruising boats that we were surprised to share this out-of-the-way and tiny anchorage.
IMGP2667 IMGP2684

Our anchorage had this gorgeous black rock slab. At first we thought we might take some time to climb it but on closer inspection it wasn’t exciting climbing.

There is something about exploring rivers by kayak or dinghy that we really enjoy. We put the motor on the dinghy this time (rare for us) and headed up the river at the head of Tranquil Inlet.
Our lunch spot – just behind the dinghy was a good swimming hole.

As we went up river we could see the remnants of the bridge where the old logging road used to cross: