We have been told that it is not OK to fire flares except in times of distress in Canada. This seems like a good rule and we like to follow rules especially those that are for our own and others’ safety.


Purely hypothetically speaking, because we would neither condone flare testing by watching or conduct any ourselves, I would say that after dark the most effective flares are parachute flares and handheld red flares because both are bright and long lasting, a medium visually effective choice is the normal gun shot red flare which is bright and has some hang time, and the least effective are white or red meteor gun shot flares which are very bright but drop like rocks.


We are definitely going to replace some of our expired flares with parachute flares.


  1. Googled? Or Goggled?

    In either case, is it possible/legal to buy/sell expired flares? I'd like to have some expired parachute flares too...