Between a Mence and a Brabant

IMGP5150 We anchored between Mence & Brabant Islands. That anchorage requires a stern anchor (like a stern tie but you use a second anchor) to limit your swing. Another beautiful place and incidentally, loaded with oysters. The summer is a bad time of year for oysters. They get ready to reproduce and get, let’s call it “squishy”. 

The weather has turned for an early Fall which is a big bummer for us. Some Septembers are still sunny. So far, this one mostly isn’t. We’ve had enough sun to get out swimming at Lucky Creek and we take full advantage of every sunny afternoon to kayak. We had two sunny 2-3 hour windows, two afternoons in a row when we were at Mence-Brabant and so the first day we kayaked over to and around Hand Island (just stunningly beautiful – there is world class kayak camping here IMHO – pictured here on the right is a campsite) and the second day we stuck close to our anchorage and went around Mence Island.

In photos:


  1. We have very fond memories of kayak camping on Hand Island on our first visit to Barkley Sound over 20 years ago. I agree, world-class!