Kayaking around Little Bunsby Island

We anchored in Green Head Cove on the East side of Little Bunsby Island.

Green Head Cove is named for this tall sea stack with green foliage on top which is on the West side of the island (read: crashing surf from the sea swell in the Pacific).

The area just South of Little Bunsby Island is riddled with islets. It is by far the best place I’ve kayaked outside of our Thailand trip. Even the kelp is amazing colors and the water is shallow and clear with rocky islands and sandy beaches. We had some fog in the morning with blue sky slowly burning its way through and the fog added to the effect while the sun kept it from being too cold. I didn’t get the best pictures (and of course I had our small crap camera for kayaking) so I’ll just leave a taste of the day here:

 IMGP2601 IMGP2602 IMGP2606 IMGP2608  IMGP2616