Your moment of zen

We are on a downwind sail at about 30 knots true in a sea of mixing tides that are a light green color from the mixing. We have been doing 6-7 knots in the water with the main only, surfing down waves that cause a light shivering or shuddering sound and movement under our feet as we slide down them.

We need to jibe the main. Carol goes forward (tethered) to swap the preventer to the other side (yes, we should have installed a second block and second preventer so we can stay in the cockpit – another way we’ve become wiser already this trip) and as he is moving slowly to avoid coming off the boat the dolphins decide to come play*. As he turns toward me with the rope and the block in his hand, a dolphin leaps fully out of the wave behind him and I take a mental snapshot of its body glistening, suspended in air behind my, now very salty, husband.

- L

* I always imagine them saying to each other “what is wrong with this little fat whale that it swims so slowly?”



  1. I was going to say, "That's the trouble with those mental pictures - they're hard to share." But you did a wonderful job - now I have thee mental picture too!


  2. What a fantastic moment. So glad I got to share it through your snapshot.