Testing one, two, three

This is a test. This is only a test. This is a test of the SSB email to blog posting system. (1)



  1. This is great!

    You are definitely going to have to blog about how you pulled this off...


  2. So you guys put up a mail klient for your blog? We did that (our new blog not official yet though), but I'm just curious if there is another way of doing it..

  3. @Bob/Lotten -

    Using our SSB with the pactor modem through winlink...then:

    Blogger allows you to pick a secret word and then email in your entries to your username. It uses the subject of the email as the blog title and puts the body of the email as the post. You can end your post with #end and that way it won't include any signature lines your email program or server includes.

    For example, for me is (replacing secret word):