Logbook: Sandy Island Marine Park

I pulled some pictures off the camera and realized I didn’t do justice to the few nights we spent at Sandy Island Marine Park at the tip of Denman Island with our friends Lauren & Nathan. We really enjoyed the area and the park and would go back again. We anchored in the bay just south for better protection from the moderate winds that were expected and took a short dinghy ride to shore before a long, beachcombing walk on the spit at mid-tide to the main park. It was windswept and peaceful. I can imagine that the vibe is much different on a hot windless day, perhaps even better.

IMGP2436 IMGP2437

We watched a boat in the bay immediately by the marine park drag a half mile. I ran down to the beach and hollered as loud as I could and they scrambled up in a panic, started the engine and went back into the bay to anchor again. This is the second time we’ve woken (or brought on deck) a dragging boat. At least this time they weren’t dragging towards us!

It was just warm enough despite the wind for some napping on the beach and Carol put some flowers in his camo and stalked our dozing friend Nathan for some cuddle time.

IMGP2438 IMGP2439

Good times with good friends. - Livia


  1. You guys are sure having a great time!

    Did you see what kind of anchor the dragging boat had? Was it too small for the boat?


  2. I knew Carol was growing his hair but the picture looks like its already down his back about 6 inches!

  3. @Skylark - thank you!
    @Bob - great question but we didn't see it. by the time they had it up they were pointed away from the beach.
    @Val - you should see his beard now!



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