Logbook: Polkinghorne Islands

A name ripe for ribald comments, most every variation of which we’ve used in the last 48 hours :)

It’s windy here right now. Really windy. We came in at 25 knots true and since we’ve been here there have been patches of light wind but a lot of gusts in the 20-25 knot range. We started to wonder how much protection we have here on the leeward side of the island until we went kayaking today and saw the anchorage on the windward side. Although we are getting gusts here, the wind is definitely lighter and we have almost no chop, while on the windward side the anchorage has white caps.


We planned our trip so we were heading upwind and up current on the way out and downwind and down current on the way back and we made sure to have our little emergency dinghy kit dry sack with us just in case the wind increased or we missed the boat on the way back (just kidding Mom & Dad!).

IMGP2442 IMGP2441

It’s beautiful here. Tons of little islands and rocks and a pass through the center of the island, or rather, between the cluster of islands filled with things to peer at from a kayak. We have the place to ourselves although that isn’t surprising given the wind strength and the openness of the other two anchorages. It’s enough wind that we are more aware and more focused on tracking where we are than we normally are at anchor but not enough to make us feel the need to move.

- Livia (at 50 47.68 N; 126 55.38 W)


  1. Nice photos! carol is getting good at the "self shooting"

  2. The kayak is the hardest for those. We always miss each other.



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