Logbook: Lewis Cove

This just rocks. Because Vancouver Island is NW-SE, going further North took us back to the BC mainland. We chose* Lewis Cove and I know I keep saying this, but it was gorgeous. You can trust that when I visit non-gorgeous places I will definitely be honest, but so far…either it is getting prettier as we go North, we have low standards or we are just choosing good places.


We had Lewis Cove completely to ourselves for two nights. It has a mostly sandy bottom and where there isn’t kelp in the shallows the water becomes a beautiful green-blue. On three sides we had sculpted rocks and Evergreen trees and to the SE we had a view across Queen Charlotte Strait including snow capped mountains. We played explorer in the kayak and picnicked on a sunny rock.

IMG_4579 IMGP2455

SV Estrellita 5.10b: To the left, sleek and sexy. To the right, a increasingly serious case of “cruiser butt**”.
IMGP2462 IMGP2466

We left this morning in 10 knot winds, flat seas and sun for a short but upwind sail to Blunden Harbor with the kayak still inflated on deck – lazy cruisers that we are.


- L

*Or rather, the wind defined the general area we were willing to move to and within that area, we chose Lewis Cove.
** Cruiser butt = all of the useful but not sexy stuff you “need” and hang off the back of the butt of the boat. We are currently slightly too heavy in the back compared to the front. Of course, we will probably be adding more chain in our anchor locker (on the nose) next year which might just even us out.


  1. Cruiser butt! We've learned something new today! Now we can't wait to have cruiser butt! You don't have low standards, the pictures are beautiful!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
    That is all.

  3. @midlife - If I could remember where I first read "cruiser butt" I would credit them but I think it is just one of those terms that gets around.
    @willowjp4 - merci dahlink.



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