Logbook: 3 Year Anniversary at Blunden Harbor

The wind picks up most afternoons around here so our short upwind sail into Blunden ended with 20 knots of wind. Just enough to be exciting, not enough to seriously regret the kayak on deck.

By the way, we have a crappy point and shoot camera right now and whenever we are in the water (kayak etc) that is what we are using rather than the Rebel.

Blunden Harbor is nice because it is well protected, large, shallow without being too shallow and has great kayaking opportunities. It is really a series of interconnected bays and a huge lagoon connected to the bays by a narrow section that apparently can see a lot of current.  We kayaked for hours all around.

We anchored with two other boats in the bay and over the course of our two nights shared the large anchorage with up to 5 boats. We have had a lot of anchorages to ourselves and with the crowd it was fun to spy on our fellow boaters with the binoculars. Come on, admit it, we all do it.

We decided to use July 7th as our main anniversary celebration and had a bottle of wine from Pender Island where we got married and cooked up some tasty Indian food. 3 years! Carol made me a full breakfast of bacon and eggs.

Carol picked up some extremely tasty mussels while we were kayaking and he cooked them in my new favorite sauce – tom yum soup paste is the perfect way to steam mussels. The lemongrass & chili is fantastic with shellfish. It was so good we were too busy to take a picture and normally our first thought with fantastic food is to photodocument.

The water temp was 15 degrees and it was hot and sunny so we went “swimming” which means that I jumped in and swam as fast as I could to the swim ladder and got out – got soapy and repeated the plunge followed by a quick rinse with the cockpit shower to get the salt off.

- Livia


  1. Happy anniversary! I love Pender, can't believe you got married there :-).

  2. Hope you both had a great anniversary. Hopefully Carol will continue with the good cooking and not wait for it to be an annual event.

  3. @Pam - Thank you!
    @Phoenix - Thank you! And actually, Carol cooks as much as I do.



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