Lobsters, Yacht Races & A Private Plane

On Friday, we had fresh live Halifax lobster. On Saturday, we watched the Swiftsure race start. On Sunday, we took a private plane up to the Northern tip of Vancouver Island to check out Desolation Sound and the Broughtons from the air.

Have we suddenly won the lottery? Has this blog turned into lifestyles of the rich and famous? No, but my husband is connected. Today, the lobster tale.

Carol was sent to Halifax for work last week and hand carried two beautiful 1.5-ish pound lobsters back with him for $20.

Halifax lobster

Then he wore one as a hat.

Lobster tales

And served them.

Halifax lobster

With a side of leeks and green beans.

Leeks and green bean side

Will he marry me? Again?



  1. LOL @ Bob!

    Did he have the lobster in his carry on?

  2. OmNomNom. The lobster looks good too. ;)

  3. I love that he wore one as a hat. Such a great photo :)

  4. A plane to the northern tip of the island??? You were in my cruising area! I hope you enjoyed seeing the Broughtons as much as we do! There are lots of tiny little islands to explore while passing by our area....so hopefully you take the time to enjoy!

    SV Orion

  5. @Bob - I got him first!
    @Mike - Yes, carry-on.
    @Willowjp4 - It was super tasty.
    @Jessie - Agreed.
    @SV Orion - I would love to hear your favorite anchorages!