Flying the length of Vancouver Island

Last summer Carol taught some gentlemen formation flying in their Yak's. As a thank you, they let him take out their little Grummin plane which we took advantage of this past Sunday for some up island reconnaissance. He took a "hero shot" of me with the plane.

Grummin A1

Even though the weather was poor it was a fun Sunday. He let me fly* and even shoot the approach for a few landings. We were able to fly over the Broughtons which is one of the areas we are planning to visit by boat in the next year. It was fun to see that after having seen some of the West Coast of Vancouver Island. My initial impression is that the West Coast is more wild and visually stunning but I'm more excited about visiting the Broughtons after flying over the dozens of puffy little islets surrounding the main islands.

I took a bunch of aerial photos of anchorages which I was planning to post here but I'm a wee bit too busy right now and so I'll do that at anchor some day.

*Well, I controlled the stick while he did the flaps...and trim...and throttle.


  1. Can't wait to see the pictures!

    I have noticed that there seems to be a correlation between sailing and pilots - I don't know why, but the two things seem to attract the same people.


  2. Nice little Grumman, I used to instruct in those! To comment on Bob's comment, and Carol will probably agree, both flying and sailing have an aspect of freedom that attracts certain people, plus learning to sail after learning to fly is easy because so much of the knowledge transfers.

  3. A friend of mine has a nice Piper that I'm supposed to be flying. I told them I was grounded until fall. I would like to get my pilot's license again...we'll see.



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