Here is the critter report from the first few days of our cruise:

One baby seal (no photo) who was as small as an otter and crying for its mother. Tres triste!

A bunch of rock crabs, now in our bellies:

Rock crab

A number of bald eagles:

Bald Eagle

A pod of brightly colored skinny whales:


And one huge flying bird we couldn't identify that swooped down over us at Portland Island, that we are calling the "George Bird":



  1. Ooh, rock crabs. My favorite! We're jealous.

  2. We've actually had a lot of fun keeping a small (3 gallon) aquarium on the boat, one of those little hexagonal kits for kids. We keep small oddities for a just few days before letting them go. We also keep 2 salt water aquariums at home, both for local sea life, as opposed to reef tanks.

    Granted, this is kept in my daughter's cabin and is a nod to her interest in biology, but if I were cruising as an adult, I think I might do the same. It's fun and relaxing.

  3. I now have a map so I can ride along virtual style. Bet it's more like 90/10 right now!

  4. Holy cow - an aquarium?! Sweet.

    95-05 right now Mom. Loving it.