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I recently wrote a short tongue-in-cheek guest post on the Women & Cruising site about why I don't like being called an Admiral. I didn't delve into the issue as much as I would have liked to but my time right now is limited. Perhaps later.

However it originated, the term "Admiral" has become similar in connotation to "the Wife" or "the Boss" (when referring to the wife) or for pilots "ATC" with all of the associated baggage - for some positive and loving, for others negative and resentful.

You might also be interested in this discussion on Cruiser's Forum about what it means to be called an Admiral.

If you haven't already seen it, the Women & Cruising site is an impressive free resource. Founded and run by women who are movers and shakers in the cruising world. They've each agreed to be interviewed for the IWAC project as well.

Their resources page contains a ton of information for cruisers of all genders. I recommend a look.


  1. 17 Days! You must be getting so excited now! I haven't had the opportunity lately to enjoy your blog, so this morning I got all caught up.

    We will be heading north from Port McNeill to most likely Bella Bella area next week (weather permitting of course) and after a few weeks discovering Spider Island, Goose Island etc, we will be heading south again to Campbell River in hopes of finding full time employment.

    We will keep our eyes open for you on the waters this summer, & of course wish you only safe travels!

    Enjoy your adventure & keep it high on the "fun" scale!

    Cindy & Darren Matwichuk
    SV Orion

  2. I have heard my mom referred to as "First Mate" but never admiral! I'll have to ask her opinion on the term...interesting food for thought Liv!

  3. @SV Orion - That sounds like a great trip. We'll keep an eye out for you.
    @Jaimie - Based on what little I know of your Mom and Tim and boating, I would say that First Mate seems right.



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