Kill Dr. Lucky

Our favorite game aboard SV Estrellita 5.10b is "Kill Doctor Lucky".

Imagine Clue, except rather than solving the murder, your goal is to get Dr. Lucky in a room, alone, with a murder weapon and kill him.

It is not an ideal game to store and play on a boat. There is a big box and a board and little pieces, making it bulky and difficult to play in a unsettled anchorage but it's worth it.

In college I was a fan of Cheap Ass games which I think was a Seattle based outfit. Originally they didn't have any color board games or pieces, you would order the game and it would come with just a booklet and cards and you would make player pieces out of whatever you had at hand. I think they were photocopying them in their garage and the games Now the games are slicker and marketed differently but the premises are still good.

In addition to Kill Dr Lucky, we have "The Totally Renamed Spy Game" which, prior to threat of lawsuit, was called "Before I Kill You Mr Bond". In this game you are an evil supervillian and your goal is to build a lair and kill spies but not have them blow up your lair. When a spy comes into your lair you have the option of killing him or her or taunting them at which point they are worth double points but might blow up your lair. The game is best if the players are willing to bust out some very good villian voices. It's funny and worth a twirl but doesn't have the staying power of Kill Dr Lucky.


  1. I work with a guy who is a game enthusiast (well, "enthusiast" would be an understatement). He has a couple of Cheapass Games, and remembers the early ones that came in a ziplock bag.

    But the enjoyment of a game has more to do with the rules and the variety of strategies that they spawn (see go, checkers, and chess, and all card games) than with the play board and pieces, it seems that Cheapass Games has a great thing going!

  2. Have you tried 'Hide and Seek' on board? It's really hard, especially for the person trying to hide.

  3. Isn't hide and seek closely related to boat yoga? ;)

  4. My game enthusiast coworker has bought Kill Dr. Lucky... and surprise, surprise, it came with the expansion "And His Little Dog Too". Do you guys have that?


  5. (I know this is to an old post, but as I'm reading the archives, I just had to comment...)

    I love kill doctor lucky. I figured it was one of those games I'd never hear mentioned again. In highschool, instead of listening to my physics lectures, I would play kill doctor lucky with the tiny board diagram in the instructions, and pencil shavings for pieces. I'm pretty sure I even have my copy of the beat up old cheapass version.



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