The Big Push

You know my semi-self-satisfied words about balance and fun-to-suck ratio?

I eat those words...with a big helping of crow on the side.

We had an intense 2 week haulout with a surprise rudder repair -- the two weeks were more than 50% suck. More about that later.

We're exhausted and needing to remind ourselves why we like this whole thing so we are off to spend the long weekend at anchor in the harbour we got married in (Bedwell on Pender Island) with friends who are camping nearby on land.

- Livia


  1. Have fun remembering the ummm, fun!

  2. so at 50/50 for two weeks, that means you need an extra 30% fun, made up in the next 2 weeks. That means 95/5 right? Go for it!

  3. I don't think you have to eat those words at all-In the bigger picture 2 weeks on the low end of the meter really is only a blip on the radar, the fun you've had over the last year I think still far outweighs the suckage & the fun you are about to have also puts you right back at the high end of the meter! So you can put the crow back & relax at the Island- maybe take a new pic by "the cliff" & hang it next to the wedding day one - you know a "happy then & happy now" concept!! :)

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  5. Cruising is to day sailing what sport climbing is to expedition climbing: the former offer an intense low-risk experience that you can get away from when it's tiresome. The former explores your ability to see positives in everything, to find deep rewards, and to absorb punishment for days on end.

    I've done some of both and wouldn't trade any of the experiences - even the "suck" times, which becomes more bearable as memories fade and are at the foundation of the expedition expereince - for a quiet life in the suburbs. Go big.



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