We spent 10 days in Québec -- alternating between Montréal and my favorite small city in North America (so far), Québec City.

J'adore Québec City. If you want to travel to a European city without hopping the pond, go to Québec City. It is one of the oldest cities founded by Europeans on this continent and that, combined with the French, makes it feel like like a small French city.

We did not bring our camera but we were able to snag some photos with Carol's brother's camera.

We squeezed in some play time on this trip including a bicycle trip to the Montréal Grand Prix track where we started the race:
Montreal Grand Prix Start

And had the slowest best tire change ever in the pit:
Pit Stop

In Québec City I was introduced to the Bonhomme of the Winter Carnival:
Le Bonhomme

Finally we visited Falls #1 and Falls #2:
Les Chutes de Chaudiere

Les Chutes de Montmarcey



  1. What!? F1 racing without the Nomex suits? No helmets?

  2. "Bonhomme" or as grandpa would say... "the big white guy in a Poulsbo tuxedo"