Local Marina Destroyed

It looks like the roughest winds weren't in Sequim. What a devastating loss. This is around the Saanich Peninsula from our old marina in Sidney.


  1. Glad you are safe. Sorry to hear about the marina. Very surprising and saddening.
    We have had a lot of unusual weather this winter down here too. In fact, we had to come back to La Paz yesterday after strong winds flipped our dinghy over and submerged the outboard. We were at anchor in a small cove with no fetch or waves. The dink was just tied up astern of the boat as we have always done. Luckily another cruiser helped us flush out the carb and cylinders and get the motor running again.

  2. Yes, very glad to hear that it wasn't quite that bad where you guys were.


  3. We're happy that you guys made it thru. But that marina... wow.

    The video footage made it look like there was no breakwater, and that the big waves just rolled right thru it...

    Anyway, Glad your mooring warps held.