Calling all single women

I think instead of online dating, single women should switch to on-water dating. Every forum I read is full of single male sailors looking for women who would be interested in sailing with them on weekends and maybe, just maybe taking off cruising with them on vacations if not longer.

Yes, yes, "the odds are good, but the goods are odd". This is true in any group of people but I admit that you are likely to need to weed through the group to find a diamond in the rough.

And yes, yes, it is a bad idea if the woman is not already outdoorsy and I'm definitely not suggesting faking interest in boating.

Still, as a favor to the single male sailors out there who are looking (and of course not all of them are), I suggest that the single women out there who lament the lack of unmarried men consider that there is a large pool of them in the sailing community.

Volunteer to crew at a local race and find out.

- Livia


  1. Yes, but how to connect with the cruisers? They are the ones who are most likely to enjoy a glass of wine and the sunset, walks on the beach...


  2. Tick Tock the excitement mounting yet????LOL..Eliza from svshibumi (@sailblogs)your interview with a cruiser just came up on the face of my Yahoo page (in the section messing around in sailboats)...if you dont mind we will favorite it on our blog what a different new twist to a blog, love it you smart bugger!!!Were getting excited for you guys and will follow your blog closely while gone (actually living vicariously through you two....SOOO have fun)

  3. @Rob & Eliza - I sent you an email. Thanks and please do! Glad you are enjoying both blogs.



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