Rebel Yell

Carol and I engaged in a little retail therapy last week. Neither of us are big shoppers and other than buying boat equipment we tend to spend our play money on food, drink and experiences rather than gear.

We are both feeling the effects of the impending life change and we keep trying to manage the stress in healthy ways. So far we haven't thrown any electronics in the ocean in a fit of rage and we still like each other so I think it is working.

While out on a short grocery trip at Costco, we found ourselves semi-impulsively buying a DSLR camera. We have talked about buying one for several years and each time the subject arose we talked ourselves out of it.

At Costco we found ourselves looking at the exquisite Canon Rebel T1 and...we caved. We didn't buy it there but after some quick comparison shopping (like, *really* quick) we stopped somewhere else and bought one.

And. It. Felt. Good.

Of course, then we got home, did some real online shopping and review reading, had buyers remorse and exchanged that camera for a Canon Rebel XSi with an 18-55mm IS lens and a fantastic 55-250mm IS lens (zoom, zoom) for the same price.

And. It. Feels. Better. ;)

Below (click on "read more") is a series of cheeseball photos  celebrating our purchase.

- Livia

Orange smile

Open faced sandwiches

No orange grin

Paint antlers


  1. Cruising is all about taking cheeseball photos in far off locations! Now you have the camera to do it. :)

  2. I have the XTi. You will love it! If you ever have questions about camera gear, just let me know.

  3. Don't forget to share how much you actually like it after having it for a good test period!!

  4. Nice! We really want to get one of these before we move . . .
    love your hair, too, btw! :)



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