Lessons learned

Windborne in the Puget Sound has a great series on lessons learned from potentially dangerous sailing situations. I love it when people take the time to do something constructive and productive within whatever subculture I'm involved with at the time.

As he describes it:
Years ago when I was a kid, I used to read Flying magazine. I particularly enjoyed a long-running series of articles entitled "I Learned About Flying From That." Each article was written by a pilot, who humbly admitted to having made a mistake, and then having lived, told about it in the hopes that others would not have to make the same mistake. I thought then that it was a good format, and I still think that now. This series of postings is my attempt to recreate that article series with a new subject and new technology.

(If you would like to help others to learn from your mistakes, please send your article to: WindborneInPugetSound@gmail.com)

At his suggestion, I wrote a guest post about my lessons learned about entering fog from my first time single handing. At some point in the future I'll write another.

- Livia


  1. It would be interesting to do that for nursing/doctor mistakes... although there probably is one.

  2. That was a great story, I'm glad everything turned out okay!

    As for the post from Valerie, there is a book, "Better" by Atul Gwande. Surgeon, but great story teller and I believe on story goes a bit into the mistakes sharing concept that should be done so much more, rather then fear litigation. Although that may have been the topic of another article by him. Either way, it's a great book!



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