I did it all for the Nook

For Christmas my true love gave to me, the ereader of my choosing.

I chose Nook.


Why did I choose the Nook? All of the ereaders have their pros and cons, but if you want to be able to check out library ebooks then your choice is the Nook or the Sony because the Kindle hates America libraries. Between the Nook and the Sony I chose the Nook because it is cheaper for the wireless version and I liked the expandable memory and removable battery which Sony doesn't have. There are good reasons to prefer the Kindle, particularly if you are most often in the US near big cities and can take advantage of the 3G downloads. For someone online on a boat those features aren't as valuable. There are also good reasons to prefer the Sony - primarily because the Nook is currently buggy software wise.

Registering the Nook is painful if you aren't near 3G because you have to go to a BN store because you can use wireless to download books but you can't register with wireless. How annoying. I've also had the Nook freeze twice requiring a restart.

Still, I love it, squeeze it and call it my own.

I have hundreds of free books already. In addition to free online sites like Google and Project Gutenberg I have also downloaded free SciFi from Baen Free Library and I have successfully checked out a library book from a library in the US while in Canada.

The other thing I love about the Nook is that it functions like any USB drive. I drag and drop all non-DRM (i.e., digital rights managed) items like .pdf cruising guides posted on forums I read or pictures that I want on the Nook.

For DRM items like copyright protected library book checkouts of Adobe ePub materials, I use the free Adobe Digital solutions program, check out the book and then using the program drag the book onto the Nook. And it just works.

I can read in the sun. I need light at night because it works on reflected light. It feels like a heavy paperback in weight. I don't find page turning slow because I automatically have started hitting the page turn as I'm finishing reading the last line.

Thank you Carol!

- Livia


  1. I'm starting to wish we'd gotten one of these while we were still in north America. While it will work in Australia, I'm not sure I can easily acquire one here. I love reading, and being subject to the tryanny of lowest-common-denominator trash of book exchanges... well, I pretty much don't want to leave Oz without some kind of eReader!

    It's the lending / library function that has me sold on Nook (for now). Tell me... 7+ months later, how easy is it (really) to read in full daylight? The Nook is an LCD, not "e-ink", right?

  2. The color Nook is LCD but the black-and-white is e-ink.



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