Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Not having tickets, we decided at the last moment to give up a beautiful sunny sailing weekend to have a very long travel day involving a car, a ferry, a bus and a skytrain each way in order to participate in the Olympic madness that is downtown Vancouver, British Columbia

It was totally worth it.

Olympic Flame

We saw the flame, ate great food, cheered with the crowds in front of the big screens placed in the middle of a pavillion and generally were swept up by an upwelling of Canadian pride.


Prior to going we bought some Olympic gear (toque for Carol, mittens for me) which we pimped shamelessly.

Robson St

As a lifelong US citizen only recently become a Canadian, perhaps I overdid it?

Robson St

- Livia


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  1. gotta get me some of those mittens! The hat looks great on Carol.