FAQ #3: How do you keep food cold/cook food/store enough food?

We use our igloo for perishables, just like any good Canadian.

OK, I jest. We have a fridge.

I took a picture of our galley and resisted the urge to clean up first. This is what it looks like on a normal day when standing just inside the boat facing the starboard side of the boat (right).


The fridge is on the right which is towards the back end of the boat. It is a top loader and we have taken out all but one of the annoying wire shelves and used dry bags from MEC for storage. We *love* the dry bags - such a big improvement. Now things don't fall to the bottom of the deep fridge (as often as before), we can find things because the bags are color coded, and if something does explode it is contained inside an easily cleanable dry bag. The fridge is soooo deep that I have to put my shoulder inside the fridge, with my feet off the ground, to brush my fingertips on the bottom to retrieve an escaped item (invariably the last beer) and I am 5'8" with relatively long arms.

Fridge with dry bags

Fridges take a lot of power, especially when you get to the tropics and the surrounding water is warm so we are going to need to add insulation which will decrease the size of the fridge. This is fine because we are only two and there is plenty of room for fresh food.

We cook food over a driftwood fire, just like any good Canadian would...OK, OK, we cook on the stove. It works just like any two burner gas stove/oven except it burns propane which we have in a locker outside the boat so we don't explode and the oven on the stove is small. Otherwise, the stove is normal. We even have a broiler.

There are storage areas everywhere on our boat and most of food is stored in nice dry areas underneath or behind the seating amidships. We could store enough dry and canned food for a very, very long time.

Under seating storage


  1. @mobilhomme - 12V DC from the battery bank. If you think of the set up of a dorm fridge, where the tiny freezer is the cold box for the entire fridge, that is exactly our set up. - Livia

  2. I like your idea of the color-coded bags! Did you leave in the stock fridge racks other than that?

    I'm toiling over what to do with our fridge, as it is such a pain to get to anything.

  3. @Lauren - We took out the top rack, what a pain it was to always need something underneath it!



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