Making Your Life Easier: New Gadgets on the Blog

One annoying thing about blogs is that you have to go to each individual blog that you read and check to see if they have new posts. An easy way around this is to use a "feed reader" of some sort. What this does is that you can go to one place and see if any of your blogs have new posts because the reader checks each blog for you. This works with most blogs and if you are interested in that, read about Google Reader which is what we use. I'm sure that there are other options but I'm well into the cult of Google by now.

However, if that sounds complicated OR if you only read a few blogs, it is MUCH easier if the blog will send an email to you when an update has been posted.

Voila! At the bottom of this blog you will now find a way to have updates from this blog sent to you via email. Just enter in your email address, then the silly anti-spam word it will show you, and then wait for an introductory email in your inbox.

In addition, there is a good search function so you can search for "edmonds" or "hyrdrovane" and find those posts.

In addition, on the right side of the blog is a cluster of words organized by size of font depending on how many posts are associated with that particular word. This is called a label cloud and you can click on a word and find all posts linked to that word. Thus you can easily find "picturesque" posts or posts about "gear".

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