Making Merry On A Boat: Snowmen

A tradition we started on our honeymoon to Thailand was to make a snowman, or a sandman if tropical, each year sometime around Christmas/New Years. We also decided to name them like hurricanes (loosely alphabetically).

In Thailand, the longtail drivers would yell out locations by repeating the location name twice. In Rai Lei where we spent almost two weeks climbing, the most common location was Ao Nang and we heard this hundreds of times as we were walking with our gear down the beach past the longtails.

Meet our 2007 sandman, "Ao Nang, Ao Nang!":

In early 2009 we left on New Years Day for a 35 day sail trip around BC and while in Nanaimo, BC we tried our very first Nanaimo Bar at a cafe while snowed in at the public docks.

Our "2008" holiday snowman was thus named "Nanaimo Bar" and had a pink squid fishing lure we found as his hair:

This year we visited Colorado just after Christmas through the New Year and while snowshoeing near the Comanchee National Forest, we made our 2009 snowman "Colorado Comanchee":

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