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When we left our house in Colorado, we kept our 8" deep memory foam mattress (a Tempurapedic knock off) which Carol subsequently cut into the correct sizes for the v-berth. It cuts into our headroom but it is so very fantastically comfortable.

To alleviate condensation issues we recently purchased Hypervent which Livia wrestled into place and cut so that it goes under the v-berth and up the sides. At the same time she re-sealed and varnished all of the wood underneath the v-berth which looked good but had been getting consistently wet and she bleached out the mattress to make sure it didn't get funky.

So far this seems to have improved the condensation but not eliminated it. Really, we need to improve the ventilation.

We've ordered special EC Smith and Sons solar vents which fit our existing Ventilite flush vents on the foredeck and we will be installing those soon. One of the few real downsides of the Pretorien design is that ventilation with the stock vents is not enough.